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Thrust Vector XV in Black (Single Engine)

Thrust Vector XV in Black (single engine):

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This set includes 2 fins (2 per nozzle)

Thrust Vector XV will help you "STEER LIKE A PRO RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX"!

Thrust Vector XV's pivoting action keeps the fins down while you're slow and in need of help, and then pivot rearward, allowing your boat to "RETAIN THE JET BOAT FEEL AT PLANE SPEEDS"!

Thrust Vector XV's improve straight line tracking "VIRTUALLY ELIMINATING OVERSTEER"!

Thrust Vector XV's have no sharp edges making them "SWIMMER FRIENDLY"!

Thrust Vector XV's are endorsed by Yamaha Dealers across the nation and "WILL NOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY"!

1. The Thrust Vectors XV will greatly improve slow speed handling above and beyond the improvement seen with the original Thrust Vector system.

2. The Thrust Vectors XV have been designed so that the fins ride higher out of the water than previous models, thus reducing the potential for catching an edge when turning hard to port or starboard while at higher speeds.

3. Thrust Vectors XV have a new addition to the hardware kit that eliminate the potential for throttle chatter brought on by friction between your boat's reverse gate and the Thrust Vector XL fins.

4.The Thrust Vectors XV significantly improve slow speed handling on a Yamaha Jet Boat and we are hearing feedback now from customers that they make the boat perform like an inboard outboard boat while at slow speeds.

Unlike outboard boats or inboard outboard boats, Yamaha boats don't have a lower unit and prop hanging down in the water beneath the keel. Thrust Vectors XV do not hang down beneath the keel of most Yamaha boats.

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